1. Clara and the French Fries Attack

Clara Guevara

“I want French fries!” Clara yelled to herself, “I can’t stand it any longer!” Since Clara started eating healthier for Glugar, she hadn’t tasted a single French fry for several months and now she was craving them!

“I know what to do!” she thought, and walked straight to her school’s cafeteria during her morning break.  There she saw the crispiest, most golden French fries she had ever seen—or was it just a hallucination?  She counted her allowances for food and discovered that she had enough money for one delicious little bag of deep-fried potatoes.

“Please be careful!” Glugar’s voice came from inside her body, “They look super mean … it looks like they were made with a batch of nasty oil!”

“Oh, please be quiet Glugar!” Clara responded not thinking of consequences, and purchased a wonderful bunch.  Then she finished them all in less than a minute, without any plan for how to make them friendly to Glugar.  She immediately added some insulin and said, “See Glugar, you don’t have to worry about anything!”

That day Clara didn’t play soccer.  Later in the afternoon, she was starting to feel very slow, and she heard a tiny little French fry scream from her tummy, “Arrgh me hearties … let’s attack! Arrgh!” And a loud voice of warrior French fries responded like a big bunch of angry pirates, “Aye Aye!”

She could feel Glugar going higher and higher and shouting, “I told you so!” A battle between Glugar and the French fries started! She could clearly hear the “ouchs” “arrghs” “yays!” “ayes” that were going on inside her, and the more intense the battle became, the more physically tired and heavy she felt!

“Okay, okay Glugar …” Clara finally said, “you were right! How can I help you now?”

“It’s about time young lady!” Glugar responded, and added, “check your sugar level, I bet it’s super high due to this French fries attack.  Then add some extra insulin to bring it low and finish with this battle at once!”

Clara did as she was told, and when the battle was over, she started to cry.  Then Glugar said, “Clara, please don’t cry.  You did wonderful! You helped me!”

“But, but …” Clara sobbed, “I will never be able to eat French fries again and I love them!” and she continued crying.

“No!” Glugar said, “that’s not true! Of course you can eat those potato guys from time to time. Just remember to plan for it next time, which means know that you have to check your sugar level after several hours and add insulin if it’s high …”

“Aye ‘tis true!” a French fry yelled, and Clara finally smiled.

2 thoughts on “1. Clara and the French Fries Attack

  1. What a wonderful illustration of the challenging moments for kids like Clara. I plan to use this story with the students I work with in the years to come. Thank you Mariela!!

  2. I love the characters you are developing in your stories! Who knew that french fries talk like pirates! But appropriate for something trying to take over a little girl’s body. Keep up the great work, Mariela!

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