3. Clara and the Day Glugar Went Crazy for No Reason

Clara Guevara

“I don’t understand you Glugar!” Clara yelled while lying in her bed.

“What’s going on?” Clara’s little brother Julian asked as he entered her room, “I thought you said you were going on a long bike ride with your friend Sylvia this afternoon.”

“I was,” said Clara sarcastically, “but this Glugar is CRAZY today!”

“I thought you said she’s always crazy,” replied Julian a little confused.

“Well little bro, yes, but … she has days that I really can’t understand her at all! She goes CRAZY for no reason!” said Clara very frustrated.

“What did you do to her?” asked Julian.

“What did I do to her? WHAT DID I DO TO HER? … NOTHING! Just the usual ‘stuff’ to keep her happy. That’s all!” Clara yelled angrily.

“You shouldn’t talk to me like that” said Julian, and then added thoughtfully, “okay, maybe you didn’t do anything!”

“STOP THAT!” Clara yelled again even more frustrated.

“Stop what?” asked Julian and then he went on, “well … tell me: Have you eaten well for Glugar? Have you exercised? Have you check your sugar levels regularly? Have you added the right amount of insulin? Have you …”

“Oh, I see … you want to play detective! Right?” interrupted Clara.

“Maybe … anyway, let me help you!” Julian begged.

“Help me? HELP ME? I DON’T NEED ANY HELP!” yelled Clara.

“Oh, yes you do! At least, to me it looks like you do!” Julian said calmly.

“Do I? DO I?” screamed Clara moving like a mad clown.

“You’re acting really weird today …” Julian observed.

“It’s Glugar’s fault little bro! Duh!” Clara said making a face.

“Who’s accusing me?” Glugar’s voice filled the room.

“No one!” both Clara and Julian replied very surprised at the same time.

“I can hear everything from inside here you know …” said Glugar upset. “Two against one, it’s not fair!”

“Look who’s talking about fairness! Oh, don’t start me Glugar …” Clara became angry again.

“Well young lady,” interrupted Glugar, “you know that I am sometimes unpredictable, that I have my days and my ups and downs … and today, I just want to be the craziest in the whole wide world!”

“So, what should Clara do?” asked Julian.

“Calm down, change her attitude, and do her best with me … because otherwise she won’t go anywhere!  Eventually I’ll calm down too, and we’ll go back to living ‘normal’ again … but she already knows that!” answered Glugar.

“Oh …” mumbled Julian, and then whispered to Clara, “did you hear that?”

“As clear as day,” said Clara sarcastically. “I guess I have no options.  One of us needs to keep their head on straight.”

“I have a head!” exclaimed Glugar.

“Yeah, but it’s definitely not straight today!” said Clara.  “Maybe I should get ready for a bike ride and call Sylvia.  I should not have cancelled on her.”

“So, are you leaving now?” asked Julian surprised.  “After that big tantrum? As if nothing is happening? Before answering my questions?”

“Yeap,” answered Clara, “I promise I’ll think about your questions little bro, but for now I can see—and remembered—that I should learn to be patient with this Glugar and continue with life for my own good.  See ya!”

“That’s my friend!” cheered Glugar.

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