4. Clara and Alexander, the Allergic Kid

Clara Guevara

Clara’s class was on a field trip to a plant nursery as part of a science assignment. Clara had finished her lunch before the other kids and decided to explore the gardens surrounding their lunch spot.

“Oooh …” Clara exclaimed to herself when she saw Alexander giving himself a shot with a pen-type of injection next to a tree.

“I didn’t know you have diabetes too Alexander!” Clara called out to him when he looked up.

“I don’t,” said Alexander after he finished giving himself a shot.

“Then, what are you doing with that injection?” she asked.

“I’m allergic to stuff … and, for your information, this is an EpiPen—an auto-injector with medication for allergies,” Alexander said as he put it back in his pocket.

“Allergic to ‘stuff’? Can you be more specific please?” Clara demanded.

“Well, I traded my ham and cheese sandwich for Omar’s shrimp salad at lunch …” Alexander said, “it looked and smelled so good! The doctor had told me to stay away from seafood as a preventive thing—since I’m allergic to all sorts of foods—but I really didn’t know I was going to also be allergic to shrimp, and didn’t know it could have gone this bad!”

“That bad? What do you mean?” Clara inquired.

“Ugh, I just started feeling Allergon acting out!  He reacts to so many things!” Alexander frowned.

“Who’s Allergon?” Clara asked.

“He lives with me, and he’s the cause of all my allergies! My food and environmental allergies!” said Alexander with frustration.

“Hey! I have a Glugar Sugar living with me!” Clara cheered. “She’s quite something! Maybe those two should meet!”

“What do you have?” Alexander was confused.

“Glugar, she’s my diabetes silly, as Allergon is your allergy!” Clara argued.

“Oh, I see …” Alexander said thoughtfully.

Suddenly, Glugar yelled from inside Clara’s body, “I don’t want to meet anybody!”

“Neither do I,” Allergon protested too!

Alexander observed, “See Clara, you’re not the only one with a condition in our class!”

“I see that now dude …” Clara admitted, “maybe we should go back to where the whole group is and tell the teacher about this little adventure of yours … you don’t look too good now.”

“Oh, come on!” protested Allergon, “that shrimp salad was delicious! Maybe I got a little too excited and made Alexander nervous … please don’t tell the teacher!  She’ll tell the parents and then I’ll be doomed!”

“I’ll be the doomed one Allergon, not you!” protested Alexander.

“Allergon, you shouldn’t be that nasty with your Alexander,” Glugar scolded.

“Oh, look who’s talking!” Clara said to Glugar angrily.

Suddenly, a loud fight between the four started, until Alexander finally said, “Let’s stop this nonsense right now! It’s making me crazy! Plus I have to go to a hospital after giving myself an EpiPen shot.  And Clara, you and I should concentrate in our friendship and shouldn’t pay attention to either your Glugar or my Allergon … things will go smoother and happier that way.”

“Friendship?” said Glugar, “How exciting! We can all go to the movies!”

“I like scary movies!” cheered Allergon.

Clara and Alexander just rolled their eyes and walked together towards their teacher.

In the meantime, and inside their bodies, an outing plan was being hatched, and two soft and mischievous laughs could be heard drifting in the wind … “Hehehehe!”

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